Functional ecology of biological soil crusts
Linking ecophysiology and soil processes

Moss-soil lichens crust at reclaimed post-mining site, Brandenburg, GermanyInvestigations of biocrust physiological activity on post-mining soilsBiocrust wetness probesSpatial analysis of photosynthesis using Imaging-Chlorophyll FluoresenceNDVI images of biocrusts with a modified consumer cameraMoss-soil lichens crust covering inland dunes, Lieberoser Heide, BrandenburgInitial green-algae soil crust on temperate sand dunes, Brandenburg, GermanyPost-mining site Schlabendorf with biocrustsDevelopment of biocrusts and their application in restoration ecologySoil lichens crust, Karoo, South AfricaBiocrusts on reclaimed post-mining site, Lower Lausatia, GermanyCyanobacterial biocrust on desert dunes, Succulent Karoo, South Africa

  • ClimateBIOCRUST - Influence of climate on physiological activity and small-scale development of biological soil crusts in initiale ecosystems in Brandenburg

The successional development of biocrusts communities and the resulting spatiotemporal heterogeneity of biocrust patches in the landscape depend on various abiotic factors e.g. surface stability, soil chemistry, microclimate and surface wetness. Aim of our research is to link physiological processes with the development of spatial pattern of biocrusts in relation to environmental boundary conditions. Read more

  • Ecophysiology of biocrusts on reclaimed post-mining soils in Brandenburg

Reclaimed post-mining sites undergo long time periods of succession. These initial soils, consisting of excavated and dumped material, are characterized by a high vulnerability to erosion, low water holding capacity, lack of nutrients, low pH or sparse vegetation. Stress tolerant microorganisms colonize the new soil surface in reclaimed areas. On the upper few millimeters of the topsoil they are forming a biological soil crust (biocrust); containing cyanobacteria, bacteria, green algae, mosses, lichens and fungi, which crosslink soil particles. Read more ...

  • Ecology of moss-dominated biocrusts on the Loess Plateau of China

In cooperation with Bo Xiao (China Agricultural University, Beijing; Department of Soil and Water Sciences)


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