Lectures, seminars and courses 

  • Lecture "Plant Ecophysiology", Universität Hohenheim, (2015-…)     
  • Lecture "Zonobiomes of the World and Plant Geography - Desert Ecosystems", Universität Hohenheim,(2015-…)
  • Lectures and course "Ecosystem fluxes and thier regulation in plants and ecosystems", Universität Hohenheim, (2015-…)
  • Lecture "Introduction Botany and Renewable Resources", BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, (2015-2016)
  • Lecture "Agroforestry and agriculture", BTU Cottbus (2012-2013)

           Plant carbon relations, plant water relations, plant nutrition,
           agro-biodiversity and ecosystem functioning

  • Lecture "Agroforestry and Crop Production", ERM, BTU Cottbus (2010/2011)

           Plant carbon relations and carbon allocation,
           Plant water relations and transpiration,
           Plant nutrion and growth, 

  • Lecture "Soils and Landmanagement in the Tropics“, BTU Cottbus (2010/2011)

           Soil types in drylands
           Land degradation and combating desertification

  • Lecture and course "Introduction in botany", University of Hamburg, (2003-2004)
  • Course "Photobiology of algae and water plants", University of Hamburg, with Prof. Hanelt (2004)
  • Lecture "Project management", University of Bielefeld (2003)
  • Lecture "Combating Desertification", Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft München (2000)
  • Lecture "Ecophysiology of photosynthesis and water relations", University of Bielefeld (1997)
  • Seminar "Desert ecology and desertification", University of Bielefeld, with Prof Breckle (1996/97)
  • Seminar "Ecology of drylands", University of Bielefeld and Bonn, with PD Dr. Littmann (1995/96)
  • Seminar "Ecology of Israel", University of Bielefeld, with Prof Breckle, (1993/94)
  • Student assistant in zoology determination courses (Zoology Department, botany for geography, ecophysiology, ecophysiology of halophytes, mangroves, botanical excursions (Institute of Applied Botany), WWU Münster (1987-1990)   


  • Applied Botany, Insel Poel, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg (2015-2016)
  • Botanical excursions, University of Hamburg (2004)
  • Cape Flora of South Africa and Namibia, University of Hamburg (2001)
  • Vegetation ecology of Germany, University of Bielefeld and Tel Aviv University, with Prof. Breckle and Prof. Waisel (1997)
  • Ecology of Israel, University of Bielefeld and Tel Aviv University, with Prof. Breckle and Prof. Waisel (1994)

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