Environmental Plant Physiology and Functional Ecology 
From plants to ecosystems

Gas exchange measurements - photosynthesis and transpirationShort-rotation forestry and agroforestryTree ecophysiologyChlorophyll fluorescenceWater fluxes - evapotranspiration in agricultureEcophysiology of trees on reclaimed soilsResearch in reclaimed post-mining sites in Lower LusatiaForest EcologyRoot research: automatic minirhiztron systemGreenhouse experimentReclamation ecologyBiological soil crustsChlorophyll fluorescence of biocrustsDesert research in South AfricaField research in extreme desertsEcophysiology of desert plantsEcophysiology of CAM plants in South Africa

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Dr. Maik Veste 

CEBra - Centre for Energy Technology Brandenburg e.V.
Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus-Senftenberg 

University of Hohenheim (Lecturer/Lehrbeauftragter)

Research activities

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